These are some selected survival conversations in the East Barkley Sound (EB) dialect of Nuuchahnulth. The speakers are ḥawiiḥtuʔis Benson Nookemis and ƛiisƛiisaʔapt̓ Adam Werle. Click on a green button to hear how each part is pronounced. In order for this page to work properly, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. (JavaScript does not seem to be working.)

Nuuchahnulth English
6A Is that you?
6B It’s me.
7A Are you okay?
7B I’m okay. Are you okay too?
8A It’s nice weather.
8B It sure is nice weather.
9A I’ll see you later.
9B Okay, later.
10A Take care.
10B You take care too.
11A What’s this?
11B I don’t know what it is.
12A Say it!
12B Okay, I’ll say it.
13A May I go to the washroom?
13B You may. Go ahead.
14A Shall we take a break?
14B Let’s take a break.
15A Are we finished?
15B We’re finished.