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2.Vowelsa aa e ee i ii o oo u uu
4.Common consonantsh k m n p s t w y
5.Tip-of-the-tongue soundsc č š
6.L soundsł ƛ ƛ̓
7.Back-of-the-tongue soundsk kʷ q qʷ x xʷ x̣ x̣ʷ
8.Throat soundsh ḥ ʔ ʕ
9.Hard plosivesc̓ č̓ k̓ k̓ʷ ƛ̓ p̓ t̓
10.Hard resonantsm̓ n̓ w̓ y̓
11.Reference: Letters to sounds.
12.Reference: Letters to words.
13.About this tutorial.